There a many benefits of becoming a reseller but ultimately it all boils
down increasing profitability.

Why resell services with us

Re-selling the services of B2B Business Technology Group is a great way to generate revenue for your business, maximise the revenue from your clients and provide a much better service than any of your competitors. We have two options to choose from that suits your current goal. Resellers and partners are able to choose the services they resell from each division of B2B Business Technology, this could be from one specific niche or decide to resell all our services.

Schedule Software

Appointment Booking, Stock Control &
Client Management Software

IT & Cloud

Office 365, Hosted Desktop, Hosted Servers,
Virtualisation, Hosting

Alarms & CCTV

CCTV, Alarm Systems, Door Access,
Tracking, Time & Attendance

VOIP & Broadband

Voip, Broadband, Voice & Data,
Support & Maintenance

CRM Software

Our unique CRM, ERP System designed
to automate your business

Web design and SEO

Web Design, Online Marketing, SEO,
PPC, Graphic Design, Hosting

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

KPI’s are the key for any company, that’s why here at B2B Business Technology Group our KPI’s are closely monitored by our management team. With all our divisions closely following our policies and procedures, B2B Business Technology is able to meet and exceed our KPI’s not only for our clients but also our valued re sellers and partners.



Resellers / Partners


Increase in revenue


Customer Retention Increase


Saved in cost savings


Greater Rewards


Easy Switching

B2B Business Technology reseller or partner?

When you partner with us as a reseller, we will provide your clients with ongoing billing and support, running this side by side your current operations. We  pay you a monthly residual income based on all referred work to us. Residual income comes simply from referrals you generate. Our Reseller model is designed to help you where you are strongest,  finding customers and selling them additional services. B2B manages the technical support as well as the customer billing. This model frees up your time so you can do what you do best.

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Perfect for :

Partners who just want to sell services

Consultants who want hassle free customer management

Partners who don’t have the time or  resource to support customer

Partners who don’t want to set up  customer billing

If you are the type of Solution Provider that demands total  control, then we have the solution for you and it’s free to sign up.  Offer your customers the world’s leading technology services  while you manage their licenses, billing and support. Maximise  your revenue instantly, anytime and anywhere . We sit behind  you as a silent partner and provide you with backend support  and the solutions, we can even act on your behalf if preferred.

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Providers who increase revenue through selling services as a bolt on

Partners who want to API into our platform

Resellers ready to take control

Partners looking to expand service offering

“Since we’ve partnered with B2B Business Technology we have been able to expand our existing offering resulting in an increased revenue for our company. B2B provide extraordinary support…”

Nigel Rawlinson – Senior Partner

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