Helping businesses to take the next step in making their administrative lives easier. Completely secure and legally binding digital signature software allows you to cut waste on both time and costs, whilst adding more levels of security than ever before to your processes.

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Why We’re Different

The Challenge
More and more companies are now adopting the use of electronic signatures to improve speed and efficiency for transactions and agreements. The problem with this is wondering whether they are secure, if they are traceable, if they are actually legally binding and a number of other questions commonly associated with the security of digital signatures.

The Solution
We have designed our electronic signature system to not only be secure, but to trace and record the origin email address and user who sent the file whilst also time and date stamping the IP address in use. This saves time, makes them legally binding in a court of law and also gives your business a professional image.

Simply upload your selected document, choose where you want your agreement to be signed and we’ll do the rest. Once the document has been signed by the end user on a tablet, mobile or PC, both parties will receive the final digital copy which can be securely stored in the cloud or downloaded into your own system as a permanent record. Our team are on hand and fully committed to providing remote support, training and assistance where required.

Don’t have time to read? Then grab a coffee sit back, relax and watch our short video on what b2b can do to help your business today!

Don’t have time to read? Then grab a coffee sit back, relax and watch our short video on what b2b can do to help your business today!

Our Services

B2B eSign will allow your company to grow and expand by providing access to the use of digital signatures, making your business processes more secure and reducing both time spent on admin and cost spent on paper. With the right technology in place, your business processes will only become more streamlined and B2B eSign can help with;

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Why Work With Us

B2B Business Technology Group work with companies all over the UK. With our expert engineers offering full UK coverage, we are ready to look after all your Technology requirements whether your business is just starting out, ready to expand or with multiple branches.

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Who We’ve Helped

B2B Business Technology Group are a trusted technology partner to over 600 customers across the UK. We currently look after the technology needs of a diverse range of sectors from local SMEs to global enterprises. We have single user based clients who run from a home office, all the way to multinational clients such as:

Our Partners

At B2B we carefully select which partners we choose to work with by shortlisting features vs pricing. Once we choose a partner we fully embrace all training and certifications to ensure we offer our clients the highest possible standards of quality.


“You made the process so simple. Everything is now so much faster and easier to work with than before. I was sceptical with you making such a saving on our previous provider. Not anymore, the service is amazing and I find your online system that allows me to view my business information and your response time stats at a glance incredible, absolutely amazing job, Please pass on our thanks to the guys!”

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